COPHORIA Cocoa-Based Blusher Cushion


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Our dermo-cosmetic blusher help to synergistically improve many things in a single application.

1. The Cophoria series Anti-Aging Cosmetic System will help you enjoy radiant, youthful, rejuvenated and happy skin! Lifts Mood as choc smell Relieves Stress and Triggers Endorphins Cocoa triggers neurotransmitters to release endorphin for mood-boosting effects.

2. Delivers Deep Absorption and Moisturization Cocoa butter delivers the deep moisturizing effect

3. Improves Uneven Skin Tone Stabilized Vitamin C in cocoa extracts renews dull skin tone

4. Reduces Redness Cacao provides optimal free radical protection Minimizes Crow’s Feet & deep wrinkles Cacao smoothens fine and deep with Palmitoyl Triceatide38 which rebuilds skin structure

5. Reduces Smile Lines Trigger productions of glycosaminoglycans to stimulates collagen and smoothes / minimizes wrinkle

6. Tightens and Lifts Firming skin as it increases skin volume based on our clinical study

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Additional information

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