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FARM SKIN Superfood Mangosteen Balancing Cream


Superfood Mangosteen Balancing Cream

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FARMSKIN KOREA SUPERFOOD PINK VERA 3-in-1 SOOTHING CREAM GEL (100ml) Cooling + Soothing + Moisturizing Aloe that turned in pink after being heated at high temperature over 80c Pink vera holds more aloe-emodin than green aloe. A component excellent for soothing the skin. Pink Aloe, 5-fold Hyaluronic, Panthenol.

SUPERFOOD CLAY MASK FOR SKIN 1) Moist Ample Clay Mask without Dryness Clay mask including a whole bottle of ?fold hyaluronic acid ampoule maintains moist skin during and after use 2) Low-irritant Exfoliation Care Gentle exfoliates and removes excessive sebum without rubbing or stripping strongly 3) Abundant Superfood Nutrition Rich vitamin and minerals in superfood complete healthy and balanced skin condition.

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