HONESTEA Premium Kim Shen (Jin Xuan) (150g/Loose)


Premium Kim Shen (Jin Xuan) (150g/Loose)

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HonesTea 🍃 Kim Shen (Jin Xuan) (150g)

Kim Shen is a variety of oolong tea introduced in the year 1980. The tea is also known as “Milk Oolong” and originates from Taiwan. The taste is light, creamy, and flowery and sometimes associated with milk. If you are a Bubble Tea lover, this tea is the right choice for you.

🍵  The water used to steep this tea should be about 185-195°F or 85-90°C. Use about two teaspoons of tea leaves for about every 5 ounces (150 millilitres) of water. The steeping time of about 3-5 minutes is recommended with more or less time, depending on the desired concentration. As an estimated guide, the higher the temperature of the water or the greater the number of leaves used, the shorter the steeping time should be. The tea leaves should be uncurled for full flavour.

🍵  For the ultimate enjoyment, the teapot should be half filled with leaves and initially steeped for 45 seconds to 1 minute with the steeping time increased by an additional 15 seconds for each consecutive steeping. The leaves may be steeped multiple times for your enjoyment.

What are the health benefits of drinking Kim Shen (Jin Xuan) Tea?
Some of the health benefits would be a better skin condition, healthy teeth, and a stronger immune system. Researchers found that drinking oolong tea long each day helps to clear up skin problems within one month. A study showed that regular consumption of oolong tea strengthens teeth and helps prevent tooth decay by inhibiting the build-up of plaque. Try Kim Shen, and you will see that it has very little astringency and an abundance of natural sweetness.


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