GRAMP’S ASIA Surface Wipe 450ml

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The Surface Wipe is a remarkable disinfectant. While it is completely natural, its formula kills 99.9999% germs and bacteria* (accredited laboratory tested), 1,000 times more effective than most synthetic disinfectants (compared to 99.9%). This is truly the power of herbalism-based products.


Formulated with the mission of safety for humans and the environment, it is safe for both babies and pets, and even around food. Perfect for disinfecting toys, baby areas, restaurant baby chairs and more, with great convenience.


Made only with 100% natural ingredients, you can breathe easy with this disinfectant. It has zero harsh and toxic ingredients, completely free of synthetic chemicals, and completely safe when exposed to skin.


The Surface Wipe sanitizes without leaving any streaky stains, and even removes oil and dirt from any solid surfaces effortlessly. Ideal for a wipe down of your kitchen appliances and countertops. An additional feature is its anti-housefly properties. It repels houseflies and prevents them from landing on any surfaces treated with this disinfectant. It is simply amazing.


*Types of bacteria tested:

Escherichia coli | Salmonella hofit | Staphylococcus aureus | Pseudomonas aeruginosa | Listeria monocytogenes | Candida albicans | Aspergillus niger

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Additional information

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  1. Peter Zullis

    love terukness

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