HONESTEA Premium Ti Kuan Yin King Tea (100g/Loose)


Premium Ti Kuan Yin King Tea (100g/Loose)

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HonesTea 🍃 Premium Ti Kuan Yin King Tea (150g/Loose)
Ti Kuan Yin King Tea is the highest grade Tie Guan Yin. This tea is much richer than most Tie Guan Yin tea. It is vibrant in color and has beautiful shape of the tea leaves.

Some of its benefits:

🍵  Anti-aging
Usually, commonly used antioxidants are vitamin C, vitamin E, they can effectively prevent excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids which prevent human beings from growing older. Recently, Japanese researchers showed that Ti Kuan Yin polyphenols can prevent excessive oxidation; purine alkaloids may play an indirect role in scavenging free radicals, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-aging.

🍵  Anti- Cancer
Cancer is a serious threat to people’s health in today‘s “incurable .” Therefore, researches that show the anticancer effect by drinking tea have brought great interest. A few years ago, there was a report that Shanghai people who drink tea decreasing esophageal cancer, which proves tea can prevent cancer occurrence. This discovery has drawn much attention and interest in the world. Today tea can prevent cancer has been recognized by the world, and among all sorts of tea, Ti Kuan Yin is the best with anti-cancer effects.

🍵  Diet
Obesity is a continuous improvement of people’s living standards accompanied by the emergence of malnutrition and disease, it is due to excessive intake of nutrients or energy stored in the body caused by not enough. Obesity not only to people’s daily lives inconvenience, but also lead to a cause of cardiovascular disease, diabetes.

More often drink Ti Kuan Yin benefits brought about by consumption of a variety of disease resistance of some Ti Kuan Yin effective, it is suitable for girls to lose weight, tea gradually let the body fat quickly eliminated, let us build a more perfect and more healthy lifestyle.


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