MISS ELWANI Virgin Coconut Oil Creme Brulee (100ml)


Virgin Coconut Oil Creme Brulee 100ml

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VCO crème brulee flavour by Miss Elwani is innovated by adding crème brulee flavour as an ingredient. This is to encourage more people to consume virgin coconut oil as their daily health supplement.

t's super important to know the source and ingredients of your products be it food you consume or skincare you put on your skin. Rest assured, with Miss Elwani, our products are all high quality, safe, natural and undergoes a lot of lab test, certs, R&D and etcetera. From product quality to packaging, we make sure everything is top notch!

Virgin coconut oil is also called ‘Superfood’ because of its many benefits especially for health and beauty. People from Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brunei, India, Philippines and Middle East have long practice using virgin coconut oil in their daily lives. Virgin coconut oil is famous because many people who have tried feel confident and amazed by its benefits, easy to digest and energized.

Virgin coconut oil is produced through Biotechnology Process, that is without the use of external chemicals and do not go through the heating process commonly used to produce coconut oil for cooking use. Virgin coconut oil is produced through a natural process of chemical reaction after it is allowed to interact with natural elements. Virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconut, squeezed from fresh coconut filling.

The quality and type of virgin coconut oil is categorized by the way it is process. The best type of virgin coconut oil is using cold pressured method. This method does not contain any chemical ingredients and can maintain its nutritional value.

Erat Empayar Sdn Bhd innovated 4 types of virgin coconut oil flavours so that more people can taste, enjoy, try and consume Miss Elwani virgin coconut oil flavours as their daily health supplement. Due to its attractive smell & taste, Miss Elwani virgin coconut oil flavours can also be used externally as a makeup remover, lotion, moisturizer, hair treatment and massage oil.


– Our Virgin Coconut Oil is flavoured, crème brulee is one of the flavours.

– Encourage more people to take VCO as a daily health drink, the taste and smell of fruits and not bitter.

– Ingredients: virgin coconut oil & crème brulee flavour.

– Registered with MOH under food classification.

– Passed laboratory tests: free from microorganisms and free from heavy metals.

– Packaging: Ready – made glass bottles with anti -spill stopper and lid. 100ml.

– Easy to take anywhere for counterfeiting or outdoor work.


– Flavoured type, not the original VCO. Tastes good to drink.

– It contains lauric acid which is good to support the body's immune system.

– It helps give you energy immediately if you experience fatigue.

– It can make your skin, hair, and nails healthy. Dry skin becomes moisturized and improves the fat content in the skin if you drink regularly as daily health supplement.

– It helps to increase the rate of metabolism and the regenerating cells grow rapidly. The body will replace the old cells with new ones and health will be healthier

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