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  • Uses FDA-Cleared Anti-Viral Technology
  • 1 Minute inactivation of SARS and MERS
  • 99.9% inactivation of 18 Flu Viruses and other pathogens tested
  • Effective
  • Safe

RK (RespoKare) Anti-Viral Mask has four seamless protective layers to combat influenza virus:

1. Outer Layer: Citric acid quickly absorbs infectious droplets to trap and KILL viruses and bacteria, and transfers them from the outer surface into the Anti-Viral layer

2. Active Layer: Copper and zinc ions KILL any trapped viruses and bacteria

3. Filter Layer: Filters out sporadic viruses and bacteria that have gotten past the first two layers

4. Inner Layer: Extra protective layer for superior comfort and safety

What it does?

• Inactivates 99.99% of 18 flu viruses including influenza type A and B, bird and swine flu and many more

• Also works on measles, T.B. SARS, MERS and other airborne pathogens

• Best complementary protection to flu vaccination

How it Works?

It's anti-viral technology. Untreated surgical masks ‘catch’ viruses and other germs on their surfaces. These microbes remain alive and infectious, they are not killed. These surgical masks and many un-categorised masks in the market act like ‘virus hotels’, collecting viruses and germs on their surfaces, become sources of infection.

Additional information

Additional information

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