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  • RespoKare is the First and Only FDA cleared Anti-Viral Facemask based on inactivation of influenza viruses
  • RespoKare Anti-Viral Facemask (Surgical Facemask) is the only US FDA cleared Surgical Anti-Viral Facemask under the new product category OUK – (Surgical Mask With Antimicrobial/Antiviral Agent)
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RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask (RK) is the first and only FDA cleared mask that kills 99.99% flu viruses tested.

RespoKare’s patented US technology is tested to be highly effective against 18 types of Seasonal VirusesThe 4-Layered mask containing a Hydrophilic Plastic Coating on the outer layer that traps infected droplets and rapidly absorbed into the inner layer within 5 seconds.

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Additional information

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